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The school district ordered has ordered in-person instruction to resume. ABC
VOA VIEW: Total madness.
Some are pondering whether their congregations should break away. ABC
VOA VIEW: Break away if things are not right.
A turbulent week of weather is ahead with three different major storms expected to track across the United States. ABC


Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Rand Paul appeared on ABC's "This Week." ABC
VOA VIEW: There is no question there was fraud.
Former President Trump's impeachment trial is drawing closer but convincing enough Republicans to convict him of inciting a riot is likely to be an uphill battle. Kris Van Cleave has the latest. CBS
VOA VIEW: Dem fools.
President Joe Biden signed nearly 30 executive orders in his first three days in office that address the coronavirus and the economic fallout from the pandemic. Now he's arranging to meet with a bipartisan group of lawmakers in hopes of reaching a larger relief plan. Skyler Henry reports from the White House. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden rushes into stupidity, than he seeks for GOP approval.
Frustrations are mounting nationwide as vaccination sites close or cancel appointments as the vaccine supply runs dry. Danya Bacchus has more. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden has no clue of what to do.
The president signed two executive orders Friday aimed at lessening the economic fallout from the pandemic. CBS
VOA VIEW: Bankrupting the nation is not a smart move.
On Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new variant, known as B.1.1.7, was associated with a higher level of mortality. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden is at a loss.


President Joe Biden will sign a travel ban Monday on most non-U.S. citizens entering the country who were recently in South Africa, where a new strain of Covid-19 has been identified. CNBC
The Chinese economy brought in more foreign direct investment than any other country last year, knocking the United States from its perch atop the list. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden will sell the country short - China may out the US.
Xi's underlying message is this: the U.S. may once have been "the indispensable nation," but China now has become "the indispensable economy." CNBC
VOA VIEW: The US is in trouble under Biden.
Trump's Senate impeachment trial is set to start the week of Feb. 8. Senators will get sworn in as jurors on Tuesday. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Romney is traitor.

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Former Prudent Bear Fund manager David Tice is cautious due to Washington policies, an overvalued market and Covid-19 vaccine concerns. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Stocks will fall under Biden.
Biden is trying to push through a $1.9 trillion stimulus program that congressional Republicans don't want and that the economy may not need. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The so-called stimulus is a Dem financial bailout.
Amazon could be looking at antitrust reform, stronger privacy standards and a new push for workers' rights, among other issues, under the new administration. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Amazon needs to be taken down a peg.


President Joe Biden will name a powerhouse lawyer, Elizabeth Prelogar, to serve as acting solicitor general, in an acknowledgment that the office charged with representing the government before the Supreme Court will face an enormous workload both reversing Trump administration legal positions and developing a defense strategy as Biden's executive actions come under inevitable legal challenge. CNN
VOA VIEW: A gang of fools only using unity as a ploy.
President Joe Biden emphasized the need to bridge the political divide plaguing the country in his inaugural address. CNN's Brian Stelter argues that with divisive right-wing media, unity is a difficult goal. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN is a joke.
President Biden enacted several executive actions to restructure U.S. immigration policy upon his inauguration and former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf shared his skepticism with "Sunday Morning Futures" on the lawfulness of these orders. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Biden is using radical distractions against the American worker.
GOP lawmakers in multiple states are aiming to relax certain gun restrictions by allowing people to carry concealed firearms without having to obtain a permit, continuing a trend that many gun control advocates say is frightening.  FOX News
VOA VIEW: A reasonable push against the anti gun radicals.
The FBI is investigating what it described as an improvised explosive device attack early Saturday at a church in southern California that’s been a target of recent protests for promoting views perceived to be anti-LGBTQ, misogynistic and against Black Lives Matter.  FOX News

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An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland, Ore., was once again the target of protesters on Saturday night, according to news reports and posts on social media. FOX News
Left-wing protests have rattled a handful of cities across the U.S. even after President Biden's inauguration – leading to vandalism of government buildings and at least 20 arrests. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The nation lost a strong leader and will pay a heavy price.
Seattle police will start cracking down on rioters who damage businesses, the city's interim police chief warned Saturday. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Maybe a little too late.

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The Arizona Republican Party censured Gov. Doug Ducey, former Sen. Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain, the wife of former Sen. John McCain, citing "failures" largely related to opposing former President Donald Trump. UPI
VOA VIEW: As it should.
The number of new cases of COVID-19 has fallen over the last two weeks, but public health officials worry new variants could erase progress and multiple local health agencies are cancelling vaccination appointments. UPI
Officials placed 10,000 residents under COVID-19 lockdown Saturday in a crowded district in Hong Kong. UPI
National Guard troops that had been stationed in Washington, D.C., since the Capitol riot are heading back home this week following orders from several governors for their return. UPI
VOA VIEW: The Guard troops were Dem overkill and not respected.
A fourth man has pleaded guilty to a Minneapolis, Minn., police precinct arson after George Floyd's death in May. UPI
A group of three dozen House Democrats signed a letter asking President Joe Biden to commute the death sentences of all federal death row inmates and work to dismantle the form of punishment at the federal leve UPI
VOA VIEW: Madness!

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Robert Namer
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January 24, 2021

     Just days in office and President Biden is already moving to end-run good government by ordering the Justice Department to start restoring an Obama-era practice that funds liberal groups instead of actual victims of alleged wrongdoing. The Trump administration put the kibosh on such slush-fund payments in 2017. As then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions put it: “When the federal government settles a case against a corporate wrongdoer, any settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to bankroll third-party special interest groups or the political friends of whoever is in power.”

     One notable abuse was a $17 billion settlement agreement in which Bank of America had to pay third-party activist groups to resolve an investigation into its role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 crisis. Another example: Gibson Guitar Corp. was forced to donate to the private National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to end a criminal investigation into allegations it illegally imported exotic wood. If the federal government is to fund private groups, it should be via the normal appropriations process — not favoritism by Justice Department lawyers. Lefties — which is who will benefit — can get by without this extra little help from their friends. Biden is growing socialism - the nation will undergo a very though four years.